Heinz Politzer. Freud and Tragedy


Heinz Politzer. Freud and Tragedy

Heinz Politzer. Freud and Tragedy.

Hg. und eingeleitet von W. H, übersetzt von Michael Mitchell. Riverside: Ariadne Press 2006.

"Skillfully rendered into English by award-winning translator Michael Mitchell, and now featuring a new introduction […]. A classic, in-depth intellectual psychoanalysis of the first true psychoanalyzer."

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"At the time of his death, Politzer had not yet completed a final manuscript of Freud and Tragedy, […] which he called “a kind of last will and testament”. Wilhelm W. Hemecker found these Manuscripts in Marbach am Neckar and, thanks to Ariadne Press, he has brought them to publication […]."

David S. Luft, Modern Austrian Literature