Ad Personam



Slowly he went, as if the path were never-ending, there where he, Sergiu Celibidache, could demand anything and everything imaginable from his orchestra with the tiniest, almost imperceptible movement. Tchaikovsky's fifth in Munich under 'Celi': unforgettable.

Oskar Werner

Oskar Werner enters the stage. He hurries towards a table, sits down and reads, reads Goethe, 'The Little Rose on the Heath': 'Saw a boy...' A scene of violation. 'Little rose, little rose, little red rose ... '.

Pina Bausch

'Watch 'em and weep', the Guardian once commented on a guest appearance by Pina Bausch. And it is likely that anyone would make the same recommendation, even those who have only ever seen her ensemble once. I wrote a review of 'Full Moon', the last premiere of her lifetime.

The Dancer

Maya Plisetskaya in her solo 'The Dying Swan'. The ballet in the revolutionary expressive choreography by Michel Fokine (1907) to music by Saint-Saëns, the rise and fall of the swan, its resistance to its demise, the beating of its wings, that made the prima ballerina assoluta immortal.